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Frugal Shopping: Fruit and Vege Co-Ops

One cheap way to get your fruit and veg for the week is by getting in touch with your local Fruit and Vege Co-Op. The way they work is through economies of scale – a group of people will get together, usually pay in advance, and they will go get the best deals through markets and other connections – then each person who has paid will get a share of the spoils. Usually they will ask for an hour or so of your time as well, but each co-operative works to their own rules so it’s worth getting in contact with them even if you can’t spare the time.

I just joined my local F&V Co-Op in Christchurch, and this is what I got for $12:


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Frugal Soup! Less than $1 per serve!!

In theme with my frugal meal plan I have created an example of a frugal soup. Much like in my stew recipe (link here), the main concept is putting in cheap ingredients that add BULK. By cooking in bulk and freezing serves for later, you can not only save yourself some precious time later on, but make the most of whatever cheap digs you find at your local veggie store.

Here is my ingredient outline:


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