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Frugal Breakfasts: What’s the best option?

We’ve gone through a few breakfast options in our household, but after a lot of experimentation have settled on a few staples. The obvious choice, if you’re aiming to cut down on groceries, is to not buy Fruit Loops, Nutrigrain, or expensive mueslis – but how do you figure out the cheapest option (that’s still healthy of course!!).

Weet-Bix was our first step (a common NZ staple) and at 50cents per 100g isn’t BAD, per say – but when you have a 6’1″ husband, they can go through a litre of milk with it ($1.60 from my last bill) and the cost can expand really quickly! At that cost, the hubby is cut off, and we only buy this for the Little One’s┬ábreakfast (and maybe the OCCASIONAL adult snack).

2015-03-28 15.33.16

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