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Frugal Chicken Dinner – <$3 per serve!

This one wasn’t on my original meal plan, but I saw this chicken at such a good price I couldn’t resist. Overall the price for this whole meal was probably close to $5.30 (being generous) but could easily be cheaper as we use Fair Trade rice which we estimate at about $1 for this quantity (50c per serve) and this is a lot more meat than we’re used to. It’s way higher than the cost of the cheapest rice available, but this way it tastes of freedom. We buy our rice bulk in 5kg lots here, and always have some in the cupboard for meals like this. Our peas we got at $3 for the bag (what you see here is shy of about 50c worth) and I use them A LOT for meals for ourselves, or baby food. Its our favourite budget green.


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