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Frugal Shopping: Fruit and Vege Co-Ops

One cheap way to get your fruit and veg for the week is by getting in touch with your local Fruit and Vege Co-Op. The way they work is through economies of scale – a group of people will get together, usually pay in advance, and they will go get the best deals through markets and other connections – then each person who has paid will get a share of the spoils. Usually they will ask for an hour or so of your time as well, but each co-operative works to their own rules so it’s worth getting in contact with them even if you can’t spare the time.

I just joined my local F&V Co-Op in Christchurch, and this is what I got for $12:


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Frugal Stew – $1.38 per serve!!

My personal challenge at the moment is to keep our monthly groceries $350 or less. It’s a bit of effort to work out, but once you start it actually kind of runs along by itself. The main trick is planning in advance – and over my next few blog posts I’ll show you how I’m doing it. As I live in New Zealand, these are NZ prices, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar wherever you are!

To start us off, here’s recipe number one: Frugal Stew!


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