Frugal Living: Apples

Apples are a great source of vitamins, and can be turned into so many things. Generally, if they are less than $3/kg they are a good price – so when I saw them in Countdown for $1/kg I knew it was a deal I had to take advantage of!

2015-03-22 17.13.04

I bought a total of about 4kg apples, so about $4 worth.

2015-03-22 18.01.36

I filled my slow cooker as high as it could be filled and left it to stew them overnight.

2015-03-23 08.51.36

I had this many left over to have for snacking.

2015-03-22 19.36.36

Once cooked, I strained my apples, and put them into three different things: Apple crumble, Apple pies, and Apple sauce for baby.

Here’s the base of my apple crumble.

2015-03-23 10.57.56

And a finished one (picture from last week, as we ate this one too quick! Whoops!) Total cost would have been less than $3, for four decent size servings.


Here’s my little pies! We were a bit spoiled as I had ready-made pastry on hand from a previous project. I put them in muffin trays as it is a great little serving size.

2015-03-23 08.51.15

I just pinched the tops of mine, rather than making a full on lattice top, as I have done in the past.

2015-03-23 09.02.52

Brush with milk to glaze before baking.

2015-03-23 09.04.07

One thing I found was that I didn’t strain my apple nearly enough so it leaked out and made my pastry a bit soggy. I fixed this by removing them from the muffin trays after they’d baked for 15 mins or so, and done the final stretch with them standing on a tray.

2015-03-23 10.58.01


2015-03-23 10.01.33

And a cross section shot!

2015-03-23 10.02.17

The final lot I just separated as-is and used for baby food.

2015-03-23 10.57.46

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