Frugal Lunch Ideas: Cinnamon Scrolls!

Although probably not super healthy, these cinnamon scrolls are filling, delicious and cost a lot less than a lot of other options, with the added bonus that you feel like you’ve had an extravagant treat after eating them.

2015-03-16 12.15.16

You can use any scone recipe, but I use the one out of the Edmonds cookbook.

3 cups flour

6 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

75g butter

1-1/2 cups milk approx.

Start off sifting all your dry ingredients in. I added a couple tablespoons (approx) of this delicious delicious chai (my favourite drink). It’s absolutely not necessary, as it’s kind of an expensive addition, but my brother was over and tempted me. It tasted pretty amazing though.

2015-03-16 11.30.40

“Cut” your milk in with a knife. It keeps it from mixing too thoroughly, as you want it to combine but not too much more. If it gets too sticky, sift a bit more flour into it.

2015-03-16 11.36.23

Slap that sucker down on a floured surface. Sift extra flour over the top, rub flour on your rolling pin, put flour everywhere to keep it from sticking to everything in sight.

2015-03-16 11.41.03Roll it out flat, into a rectangle. Try keep it as straight as possible but don’t worry too much if it gets lopsided.

2015-03-16 11.42.44

Spread butter (or margarine, or olivani etc) over the surface, reaching all sides and corners.

2015-03-16 11.45.12

Shake up some sugar and cinnamon in a little container. My Tupperware snack cups are the perfect size for little amounts like this.

2015-03-16 11.48.19

Sprinkle it over the buttery surface.

2015-03-16 11.48.52

Start rolling it up lengthwise. Try to keep it fairly tight.

2015-03-16 11.50.44

If there’s sticky bits on the underside, rub it with extra flour to keep it rolling.

2015-03-16 11.52.48

Look at that sticky mess!

2015-03-16 11.52.57

Roll it into a log and try to “pinch” the sides closed.

2015-03-16 11.53.56

Slice it into pieces a couple of inches wide. If you squeeze and stretch it out you can usually get a few “extra” scrolls out of it, although I didn’t bother this time as there were only three people eating it.

2015-03-16 11.58.57

Brush the tops with milk, and bake at 220C for about 10 minutes (or until golden).

2015-03-16 12.14.56


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