Frugal Fish n Chips! $1.50 per serve!

We are kiwis through and through, and love our good old fish n chips! This is my homemade version on a cultural classic!


3 potatoes (1 1/2 per person) worked out at exactly 300g, which at the price I got them ($1.80kg) means the potatoes for this meal cost only 54 cents. Meeeean! I sliced them into fries with the skin on, because most of the nutrition in them is actually condensed under the skin, so peeling would mean getting rid of exactly the part that I want! They are also pretty, with their red skins.


I use Birds Eye fillets because they are usually the best price, and they’re super nice! I got this pack on special for $6 (works out as $1 per fillet) and I’ll usually stock up on a couple of them for the freezer when they do drop the price as it’s a really nice and easy meal!! I always buy fish FILLETS and NOT fish CAKES, as fillets are real fish where cakes are bulked up with potatoes and other things to the point that it’s not really worth getting them even if they do cost less – especially if your eating them with more potatoes!! I’ll often switch between these beer battered ones and the plain crumbed variety as they are both pretty nice!


I sloshed my fries around in a bit of this delicious olive oil before putting them on the tray and grinding salt over them. I have cheaper oil as well, but this really adds to the flavour and you only actually use a little. Besides, I got this on sale too (you might see a theme repeating here…)


Bake it all together on a tray at 180C for about 40 mins. You’ll know when its ready by stabbing a couple of the thickest fries with a fork.


This is our favourite aioli sauce. It tastes great and I love that it’s made with free range eggs. I’m sure that there are cheaper things out there, but this is worth getting in my books (plus, you guessed it, sales…)


Here’s the finished product. For a ridiculously cheap meal, it sure was delicious…

This meal is part of my challenge to live on a grocery bill of $350 a month. Frugality is something I’ve recently fallen in love with and I’ve spent the past year or so collecting recipes and trying to squeeze that extra little bit of blood out of the metaphorical stone that is our budget. To read more about my personal challenge, click here, and feel free to join in (adjusting the amount to whatever your size family is – we are two adults and a baby!). I’d love to hear your recipes, tips, feedback and experiences! Remember to subscribe if you would like to receive email updates.

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My budgeting software that I use (which I highly highly recommend) is YNAB and is available here.

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