The Enemy: A Picturebook About Humanity, War and Peace

The Book Wars


The Enemy by Swedish author Davide Cali and published in Australia by @wilkinsfarago is a unique picturebook that I stumbled across while processing the special orders @KKBOttawa this past week. When I unpacked The Enemy from the box I was at first completely mesmerized. What was this strange book? Who is the intended audience? What’s the message?

The Enemy primarily follows one soldier, sitting in his hole in the ground waiting for the enemy, who sits across a field in a hole of his own, to make a move. It is clear almost immediately that the our character’s point of view is mirrored by the other soldier – both hide, both are lonesome worrying about their food and water and grasping at memories of loved ones and, most importantly, their training and their manuals.


The illustrations are tantalizingly simple with childlike images that feature textured illustrations, which layer sketches and…

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08/12/2014 · 7:06 AM

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