The Bible In A Nutshell

Happy Christmas month everybody!!!!!!!

Here is my gift to you~ The ENTIRE Bible story in less than 1200 words! Never read it? Never wanted to? But always wondered the reason for the season? Or perhaps just struggle to know what fits where? Well here it is in it’s entirety in the smallest possible package 🙂



(Please note: “Yeshua” is the Hebrew form of “Jesus”)

Act One: Order

In the beginning there was God. He created all that is, and gave it form and order. Once he created the world and saw that it was good, he created a temple[1] in his own image[2] and placed it in the centre of creation. This temple he named Adam, the first man.

As God saw it was not good for man to be alone, he created a companion for him who would share the same essence:[3] Eve, the first woman. They walked together, and had fellowship with God upon the earth.[4]


Act Two: Disorder

But evil entered the world and made Eve’s heart bitter, and through it Adam’s heart also. They decided together to walk away from God, breaking his heart. This Great Rebellion brought a curse upon humankind, and they became slaves to death. Even when Adam and Eve were not faithful to God, God did not give up on them – The moment the Great Rebellion occurred, the Great Redemption had already begun.[5]

Although some of Adam’s children chose to walk in God’s Way, many chose to do evil. The majority of humankind chose to be autonomous, doing as they saw fit and ignoring the natural ethics that were built into their bodies as the image of God.[6]

Very soon, order turned into disorder, and the world was ravaged by chaos and evil. Only one man, Noah, lived in a righteous manner, so God chose him to be the hope of humanity. Although the rest of the humans were wiped out, God remembered his love for his creation, and spared Noah and his family to fill the earth once again.[7]

Noah’s children, however, each turned their own way. Some followed God, and others went their own way, and so it went for generations.[8]

Rather than spreading out and filling the earth, mankind chose to build a monument to glorify themselves. This was an insult to God, as humans were supposed to be the temple glorifying Him,[9] so he confused their language and dispersed them throughout the earth.[10]


Act Three: Kingdom of (Dis)Order

Out of the earth God once again called a man, Abraham, to lead the Way, and made a pact with him. If he would follow God and walk in his Way, God would give his descendants a land of their own, He would bless him, and through them bless all the nations of the earth.[11] Out of this man, God built the nation of Israel.

Soon the Israelites migrated to Egypt,[12] where they were very prosperous, but as their numbers grew the Egyptians became intimidated by them. The Pharoah of the time enslaved the entire race and committed genocide against them,[13] but through their suffering God did not forget his people. He intervened and brought his people out of slavery, and into the land promised to Abraham.[14]

Knowing the weaknesses of humankind, God gave them a written Law to follow: something that should show them the Way.[15] The people of Israel were to walk in the Way and be as a light to the other nations. But over time, Israel forgot all that God had done for them, and began to walk their own ways.

They called out for a human king, so that they might be like other nations. This insulted and angered God, but he gave them their king nevertheless. [16] Although the first king at first seemed good, he fell into madness and caused suffering for the people of Israel, so God raised up a second king: A king that was after God’s own heart.[17]

This King, David, wanted to build God a temple, but the God instructed him not to. Instead his son, Solomon would build an earthly temple, and the prophesied King of Kings from David’s line would be the ultimate temple.[18]

However, over the generations Israel turned away from God. Although some Kings were faithful to God, many decided to follow the ways of the world and did many evil things. They intermarried with other nations in order to secure peace, rather than relying on God as they had done in the past – and in turn, they followed the so called ‘gods’ and customs of these other cultures. Disorder took over God’s people and the land was split by civil war, and became the North and the South. The land and the people that God saw as his own son had become divided.[19]

But God did not forget his people. He sent many prophets, teachers and judges to warn Israel and urge them to turn back, but the people did not listen.

Because they broke their promise to follow God’s Way, the land that God had given them vomited them back up and they were taken captive by other nations and the temple built by Solomon was destroyed.[20] Although after 70 years, Israel was allowed to return to their land and rebuild their temple, they were not free.[21]

Through all of this, however, a promise was made and a promise was kept. Through Israel, through the line of David, tracing all the way back to Abraham, Noah and Adam a redeemer would be brought forth. One that would act as a Second Adam,[22] and bring all people back to God’s Way.


Act Four: Order defeats Disorder

After many years, once the world was prepared, the Second Adam was born. This man, Yeshua, was born of God’s own spirit, and fulfilled all of the promises and prophecies.[23]

Where there was disease and division – chaos in it’s many forms – Yeshua brought healing and unity.[24] Where there was double-mindedness, where people had to choose between God’s Way and the Ways of autonomy, Yeshua brought division and distinction.[25] Where there was disorder, Yeshua brought order.

Yeshua taught his followers many things. He transformed their understanding of love, redemption, freedom and strength. He set them free from the Law and legalism by writing the Law on their hearts. Where once people had the Law to guide them along the Way, they now had the Way in their hearts to guide their lives.

But many hated Yeshua for his message, because he did not conform to their ideas of Truth. So they killed him. But the Second Adam was no slave to death, as the first was. Instead Yeshua, the true Son of God, defeated death and rose again.[26]


 Act Five: Kingdom of Order

He appeared to his followers and told them the story, from beginning to end, of the Great Redemption. He promised them that one day, he would return – the King of Kings from David’s line.[27] In the mean time, He would leave his Spirit to guide them, and they should continue along the Way, and in proclaiming the Good News to all the peoples of the earth.

The followers of “The Way” grew in numbers and became known as the church.[28] They spread out and showed love to one another, and continued to live out the Way. Although there were many disagreements, the love and urge to follow God has not dimmed and continues to spread today.


Act Six: Order Restored

Through all of this, the people of God, those who choose to follow the Way, look forward to the day where Yeshua will return – and the Great Redemption will be complete. Autonomy and division will be redeemed, as Heaven and Earth will come together once again and be made new and ‘good’. The Kingdom will be redeemed as all will live under the righteous King of Kings.[29] The Exile will be redeemed, as people will once again live in God’s Kingdom.[30]




When Christians celebrate Christmas – the day we remember Jesus’ birth – it isn’t only a birthday. We are celebrating that God loves us so much that he came down to our level, and that we can have that relationship back again. It isn’t about Christmas service at church for us, or even about spending time with family, or being thankful and generous – they’re all good things, but in it’s essence, CHRISTMAS is about celebrating the fact that God loves us, came for us, and now we are caught up in his epic love story.

Merry Christmas all, hope you have a wonderful month ~~



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