From the drinks cupboard


I am a known drinkaholic.

These are a few of the favourite drinks in our household.


Twinings New Zealand Breakfast – this is a fairly strong flavoured brew, compared to the traditional English Breakfast and is nice as a run-of-the-mill tea any time of the day. It is also similar to Irish Breakfast blends in it’s full bodied flavour.

Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry and Elderflower Infusions – A nice sweet herbal tea that is good for moments when you want to relax and avoid the caffeine.

Trade Aid Roobois Tea – Another nice caffeine free tea, although less flowery and more full bodied in flavour. A ‘red’ tea, it is naturally caffeine ne free and full of antioxidants. A delicious tea both with or without milk, with the added bonus of being fair trade and thus tasting of freedom.

Teasme Earl Grey Sapphire Deluxe – my favourite Earl Grey blend. This is a loose leaf tea, and usually what is found in my tea pot when guests are over. It includes dried lavender flowers in the blend which gives it a really fresh and floral taste.

Teasme Refreshing Apple – One of the nicer apple teas out there, made with dried apple chunks and some other mystery fruit. This tastes delicious with honey as a sweet wake up treat.


Cadbury Drinking Chocolate – A generic brand found in all New Zealand supermarkets, this is sweet and delicious, also available in mint chocolate (delicious!) and caramel (less delicious…).

Jarrah Choc o’lait – This has a brilliant sweet and creamy taste, but the powder is difficult to dissolve. The trick with this one is to mix the powder into a small amount of boiling water, then fill the mug up once all the powder is dissolved. Frustrating but worth it (my husband usually makes this one for me because I have no patience).

Macro Organic Hot Chocolate – Another freedom-tasting drink, certified fair trade. This has a fairly dark flavour, with a higher cocoa content – but sweeter than other brands such as Kokako and Trade Aid. This is a healthier option, and (especially with the number I drink a day) I try to lean towards these kinds of drinks most of the time.


Blenz Spice Chai – This is my favourite chai, it’s only near contestant being Arkadia Spice Chai (which is more easily found in supermarkets). I’ve only seen the Blenz canisters available at Coffee Culture in Christchurch, but I’m sure you can get them online. These chais are smooth and full in flavour. I much prefer them to the syrup based chai lattes you often get served in cafes. If you haven’t tried powdered chai, do it, and definitely stick to the spice version.

Blenz Vanilla Chai – More mild in flavour than a spice chai, and probably not worth it unless you mix it in with a white hot chocolate… Now there’s an idea…

Blenz Pomegranate Chai – I was so excited to find this, but it was a bit of a let down. It has a bit of a stale berry-ish tinge to it which is nice at first, particularly if you have frothed milk, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to the other flavours.


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